MEET the Team


judy mills

Executive Director

Favorite NYC restaurant: ABC Kitchen (plus ABCV and ABC Cocina). I love the decor and the fresh, locally-sourced food.  A stroll through their shop is never a bad idea!

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diana vaden

Creative Director &
Video Podcast Host

Favorite NYC restaurant: El Centro on 54th and 9th. I would’ve said Schmackery’s, if that were considered a restaurant.

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rachel britton

Content Director

Favorite NYC restaurant: Bruno Pizza on 3rd and 13th. I discovered this gem when I moved to the City. The owner is a friend, fantastic chef, and miller.

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melissa coan


Favorite NYC restaurant: Samurai Mama, a Japanese restaurant in Williamsburg. I go crazy for the five different kinds of seaweed (one is actually purple) in the salad and their house-made pickled beets.

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emily fletke

Social Media Designer, Photographer

Favorite NYC restaurant: Vintner Beer and Cheese (as of this week). They make a mean mozzarella and prosciutto sandwich with fine olive oil and fresh basil on a crispy, chewy, "made this morning" kind of baguette.

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lauren wittel

Digital Manager

Favorite NYC restaurant: B Bar & Grill in the Bowery. It’s an old gas station, both indoors and outdoors. It has patio space, couches, an outdoor fireplace, fine dining, and a bar/cafe. It fits all my moods and every time of day!

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mackenzie warren

Artist & Calligrapher

Favorite NYC restaurant: I love to cozy up with a book or with a friend at The Grey Dog in Chelsea.

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