February 2019: A Woman Looking for Real Love




Happy Valentine’s Day. We all need to be loved and not ashamed. In this month of love we are discovering where we can find true and lasting love that makes us feel valued.

This month we explore:
Real love and how God doesn’t shame us or condemn us but lifts our heads high.


Perspectives to guide you in discovering God’s plan is not to find fault with us, but for us to know we are deeply loved.

The Big Deal: Does God Love Me

Discovering How to Get Naked

A Practical Way to Combat Negative Self-Talk

6 Things You Should Know About Real Love

A Love That's Life-Altering


Personal stories of NYC women who have discovered they are loved even when they have not found that special someone or they struggle to love themselves.

Finding an Alternative to Shame

3 Words to Stop Self-Condemnation

30 Something and Unmarried

What to Do When Pressured in Love


Vlog episodes discussing how we help each other combat comparison and how to deal with rejection in dating.

How to Celebrate and Not Compare

How to Deal With Rejection in Dating