January 2019: A Woman Seeking Direction



A Woman Seeking Direction

It’s a New Year. We want to start with great goals and good direction. As we make resolutions, prioritize, and plan, we want to do so with wisdom and confidence.

This month we explore:
Decision-making and what it means to make the decision to look to Jesus.


Perspectives to guide you in making decisions with less stress and more confidence.

How To Make The Right Decision

The Big Deal With Decision Making

When You’re Scared To Make A Move

Four Steps To Exceptional Decision-Making


Personal stories of NYC women who needed a new direction for their lives.

Why I Changed My Mind About God

When I Decided Jesus Wasn’t Freaky

Why I Let God Know: “I’m Fed Up”

When I Let God Enlarge My Dream

When I Realized God Accepted Me

When I Discovered Jesus Is Better Than Self-Help


Vlog episode discussing how we help each other look to Jesus and how we encourage friends in their decision-making moments.

How To Be A “Friend” And Not A “Fixer”