How to Make the Right Decision

By Judy Mills

Photo by Emily Fletke  @fletkefoto

Photo by Emily Fletke @fletkefoto

What decisions are you facing today?

— Re-sign your lease or find another apartment?

— Stay in your job or look for a new one?

— Have a night in or go out?

— Give that relationship one more chance or decide it’s over?

— Continue living in NYC or move on?

Big or small, important or minor, I’m with you in wanting to choose the right thing.

We want to make wise decisions — with no regrets.

And we have different ways of going about it.


We can search around — get advice from friends, Google, text the parents — the usual sources we go to for information to help us make the right step.

Or we can look within ourselves and rely on our inner wisdom. We let our internal wants, beliefs, and feelings direct us to the right decision. After all, isn’t it best to have confidence in oneself?

Yet, although we answer “yes,” if you’re like me, we don’t always trust we know best. And sometimes, we are right to question the decisions we make.

There is another way to achieve our best. It’s a perfect source of expertise, wisdom, and guidance.


This source might not respond like a Google search, and we don’t hear an audible voice, or see writing on the wall.

Yet, we receive insight that is deeper, broader, longer-term focused and part of a bigger plan.

The source of wisdom and guidance is God.

When you look to him for help, in other words, when you trust God from the bottom of your heart, and don’t try to figure out everything on your own, then he will lead you in every decision you make.

What does it mean to “look to him” to make decisions? To look to God is to:

Recognize God is wiser and greater than we are.

God’s wisdom is more thorough and perceptive than our own. God has knowledge about situations, people, and places beyond our limited capabilities.

A proverb in the Bible says: The eyes of the Lord are everywhere and he takes note of everything that happens. 

Accept he knows us better than we know ourselves.

He formed your body and created your quirky ways that make you uniquely you. He intimately designed you and knows you inside and out.

Have confidence in him.

Don’t worry about “If I don’t get it right, will I have to settle for second best?”

Instead, trust God from the bottom of your heart.

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