3 Reasons Why it’s Worth Praying When You Need Help

By Rachel Britton

Photo by Jeff Sheldon

Photo by Jeff Sheldon

Who hasn’t prayed in a panic? Then afterwards, when things have calmed down, we may forget why we did. There are good reasons to pray when you need help, and any other time for that matter.


Okay, letting it all out — you know, having a good ol’ bawl — is a healthy way to deal with pent up emotions and feel calmer afterwards. Yet, directing those feelings to God helps even more. I frequently rant to God. Might as well tell him exactly how I feel with no covering up or fancy words, because he knows anyway.

The Bible says when we pour out our pain to God, he promises to pour in his peace. I’ll switch pain for peace any day! I mean supernatural peace -- the feeling that doesn’t make sense in the situation. Kinda “I shouldn’t be this calm, but I am.” It may happen instantly, it may not. But, keep God to his promise.


My first job, I worked for a boss who had the following motto: Persistence Overcomes Resistance. Although I didn’t understand the saying in the context of my work, kids comprehend it well. They whine and ask persistently until they get what they want. In the end, adults often give in just for some peace.

The Bible tells us to pray like that — maybe not whine — but to be continuous in our asking. Be like a child when you pray. Ask and don’t give up until you get the good things you need.


When we’ve run out of ideas and resources, and we’ve dried up help from other people, it’s okay to seek out God. What have we got to lose? Sometimes those things or people have failed us anyway. It’s okay to give in and admit “I can’t do this on my own.”

There’s nothing wrong with seeking out God when we’ve tried everything and it’s not working. He wants us to come to him! Other people might knock us for it, but the Bible calls it faith. And faith is always rewarded. You don’t have to even acknowledge what you’re doing to those around you. Just reach out with your fingertips to God in prayer, and you’ll feel the power of God move through you. A tiny amount of faith will move mountains.