A Practical Way to Combat Negative Self-Talk

Photo by Emily Fletke  @fletkefoto

Photo by Emily Fletke @fletkefoto

Here’s a sure-fire way to replace negative self-talk, but only if you follow each step, especially to the end.


Go to your nearest Duane Reade, Walgreens, or CVS, look for that tiny office supply section and purchase a pad. Color is buyer’s choice, but make sure it’s a color you like to look at.


Think about three to five lies you believe about yourself. Then write out the opposite: write three to five affirmations — truth phrases that mean something to you, that reach the core of who you are and cut through the lies that try to hold you back. For example, if you believe the lie that you’re unlovable, write down I AM LOVED.


Put them all over your apartment or room: on your bathroom mirror, on the closet door, so when you get dressed, you’re reminded. On the lamp right by the light switch, so when you turn on the light, you’re reminded. And especially on the door, so you never leave the apartment or your room without being reminded!


This is crucial. We absorb what we give our attention to. We memorize what we see most often. We repeat what we read the most. So every day, look, read, say out loud, and dare to believe what is written on those notes.

This really works! You’ll find it especially helpful on days before a challenging meeting or rehearsal, or on the days when you scroll through Instagram and unhealthy comparison floods your thoughts.

It’s called the STICKY NOTE STRATEGY —  it’s a game-changer. It will be for you, too!

The RADIANT team is doing this STICKY NOTE STRATEGY along with you. They are challenging the lies that hold them back with truths they will be posting all over their rooms and believing.

Next month we’ll report on the difference this strategy has made to our negative self-talk.