Equipping the NYC woman to live radiant and unashamed.

Whether you’re new to NYC or you’ve lived here your whole life, we know you want to follow your dreams and be successful, make good decisions and feel fulfilled. We’ve created a place here to equip you.

Our dream for this NYC tribe—and for you—is a God-given vision of NYC women living radiant and unashamed.

We’ll explore what this means each month with topics that guide us in being the strong, outstanding women God has designed us to be. We’ll find:

The ultimate way to direct our energies.

The awesome extent of our significance.

The route to being empowered instead of overwhelmed.

The key to living and speaking well.

The solution to our restlessness.

The path to liberation and being set free.

We’ll explore the words spoken to us by God. And you’ll read and hear from women who are seeking — through victory and defeat — to style their lives around God’s truth. We will encourage and equip you to look at Jesus, because seeking him will form and reveal a glow in your life you have not known before. And, at some not-too-future dates, we hope to meet you!

Photo by Emily Fletke  @fletkefoto

Photo by Emily Fletke @fletkefoto


We walk past you daily and we see you. We see your beauty and your drive. We see the boldness it takes to live in New York City. We see the lengths you go to for a good life, the challenges you face and want to overcome, and the noise you tolerate. We see the fun you want to have, the distractions that threaten you, and we understand the allure they have on you. Though we may not know you, we understand you because we are just like you.


We are a team of seven very different women living, working and playing in NYC. We love the diversity of our team and our city. We look different, sound different, and have varying passions and pursuits. We each have individual stories, just like your story is distinctive to you. Yet amidst our individuality, one core fact makes us all alike and ties us inseparably together: God made each one of us to shine with his light and goodness.

And so,


Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.
Psalm 34:5 (NIV)             

Being radiant may not be the vision you have for yourself, or perhaps it is. But it’s definitely God’s plan for you!  

When the sun shines on the Freedom Tower it is radiant. It shines. It gives off light. There’s brilliance to the building, something arresting and spectacular when you look at it. We’re drawn to its light and the story it reflects. When we turn to God and his Son, Jesus, we begin to shine. We display the light of God. We reveal breathtaking beauty. When other people look at us they see something different about us and want to know our stories.


No one can shine like you. No one else was meant to, and you weren’t made to be like anyone else. We want you to embrace YOU. Seeing you accept who God created you to be inspires us. We want to stop letting the pressures around us dictate how we’re supposed to look and live, and who we’re supposed to be. Instead, let’s be a city of women who look to the God who made us to form us into the women he desires us to be.


Take this vision of living radiant and unashamed and embrace it with us.  We want to be a tribe of women who live our best lives as our best selves.

We picture a day when New York City is filled with women who live radiant and unashamed.

And finally, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.